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Participating on CERN Medtech:Hack.

About me

My name is David Baranyai. I am a 23-year-old guy from Hungary who love electronics, programming and music. I am interested in electronics since I was born so after elementary school, I went to GDEMSZK (secondary school) where I studied electronics. 4 years later I went to the University of Debrecen and studied Electrical Engineering Bsc. Now I'll start Computer Science Msc in a few days. I'll show you some of my projects and share some of my codes on this website.


Some of my projects

Simulation of SiPM


Simulation of scintillation process and detecting photons using Silicon Photomultiplier. The source code is available on my self hosted git repository.

Simulation of Linear Accelerators

Added later!

MultiWire Proportional Chambers


Our self builded data aquisition and visualisation system for MWPC. In the background you can find the 16x16 ws2812b led matrix driven by NaN1 which uses a microphone and an STM32 to do an FFT.

Smartphone Oscilloscope

rndm_scope scope_android

We decided to make a multi channel oscilloscope using ESP32 with some ADC and use our phone to visualise the data. In this two pictures you can see a very-early stage of the mobile app. I wrote a C# app to send random numbers to test the data connection.


Do you have a question? Drop a note!

Püspökladány, HU
Email: divaldo95@gmail.com